When using TexLive 2015 on Ubuntu, I find that all psvectorian graphics are replaced by an empty rectangle when I set \overfullrule to some nonzero value. For instance:


will produce what I'd like to see:

normal output

but if I uncomment "\overfullrule=2cm", this is the borked result:

output with graphic removed

The same file works fine on OS X with MaxTeX 2014. In all cases, I see nothing in the logs that reports any error: no "Overfull hbox".

Any clues?

  • Cannot reproduce with MacTeX 2016. As far as I remember, the version of pstricks in TeX Live 2015 had a bug. – egreg May 7 '17 at 23:24

The problem is the same as in Problem with \pspicture in a simple plain TeX code

If you look at the part labeled “The same in TeX Live 2015” in my answer, you see where the problem arises: the fact that \overfullrule is set to a positive value is taken as a signal that draft mode is on, so just a box is drawn.

Solution: upgrade your TeX distribution. The problem disappears with TeX Live 2016.

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