Along the lines of this question, I would like to know if there is a way to automate tick drawing along a curve generated by psbezier in PSTricks (and potentially pspolygon and more complex curves encapsulated in pscustom). What I would like to achieve is something like this:

line with arrows

where the curve has been generated by psbezier. (Here, the arrows have been drawn, placed and oriented manually to fit the shape of the curve — very time-consuming.)

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For example:


\psparametricplot[algebraic]{0}{9}{t^2/9 | sin(t)+1}%
\pscurvepoints{0}{9}{(t^2)/9 | sin(t)+1}{P}%
% make ticks using arc-length metric
\pspolylineticks[metricInitValue=1,ticksize=-2pt 2pt,Os=1,Ds=.2]{P}{ ds }{1}{56}%
\pspolylineticks[metricInitValue=1,Os=1,Ds=2]{P}{ ds }{0}{6}%
\multido{\iA=1+1,\iB=3+2}{5}{\Put{6pt;(PNormal\iA)}(PTick\iA){\tiny \iB}}

\begin{pspicture}(5,3) \psset{arrowscale=1.5}

\psbezier[ArrowInsideNo=19, ArrowInside=-|,  


enter image description here

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