Is there a way to define a new command which represents the function override symbol used in Event-B. There is a similar symbol \dsub that is just the triangle with the line that splits it. Thanks in advance.

enter image description here

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  • What is Event-B? – cfr May 8 '17 at 10:07
  • @cfr Event-B is a language that uses mathematical structures to develop system models for areas such as Critical Systems – Radoslav Todorov May 8 '17 at 10:15
  • My point is that your question shouldn't assume discipline-specific knowledge unless it really has to. If something is crucial, you need to explain it. The name of a symbol and context may be useful, but only as a supplement. I can't tell from your question whether the symbol you've shown is the one you need or \dsub, which seems to match the description. – cfr May 8 '17 at 10:17

At https://sourceforge.net/p/rodin-b-sharp/svn/16394/tree/trunk/Handbook/org.rodinp.handbook.feature/latex/plastex-bsymb.sty, they provide bsymb.sty and employ this definition


enter image description here

According to this site, http://wiki.event-b.org/index.php/Rodin_Keyboard_User_Guide, there is a unicode symbol U+E103 , but I haven't yet found a font that supports it (I see some web reference to one called Brave Sans Mono that might support it, but haven't found the actual font yet).

The Event-B language is discussed in great detail at http://rodin.cs.ncl.ac.uk/deliverables/D7.pdf

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