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I'm sorry to ask such an elementary question. I am wanting to know how to type the following symbol in LaTeX, it is written with a subscript 'l' in the image below,

enter image description here

I feel quite illiterate because I don't even know how to read this symbol. I have tried typing the (English) alphabet in various font styles but nothing matched.

Many thanks

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  • \usepackage{mathscr} and \mathscr{S}. – egreg May 8 '17 at 21:06
  • Apologies @Moriambar I did not see the previous thread – analytic May 8 '17 at 21:07
\usepackage{ mathrsfs }
  • Thank you! Wow.. I did try this (as I say, I tried the whole alphabet in various fonts)... I don't know how I missed it – analytic May 8 '17 at 21:09
  • @analytic You're welcome! Detexify of the duplicate question is very useful! – CarLaTeX May 8 '17 at 21:13

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