I use classicthesis and a warning suggests me to replace




What's the difference?


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The classicthesis package loads scrpage2, which specifies different conventions than the standard classes: in order to use its automatic features, the headings page style should be changed into one provided by the scrpage2 package.

See chapter 4 in the manual for KoMa Script.

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    From the manual: [...] it may be necessary to shift back also to a style provided by the document class. It might appear that this should be done with \page style{headings}, but this has the disadvantage that commands \automark and \manualmark do not function as expected. For this reason one should shift back to the original styles using \page style{useheadings}, which chooses the correct page styles automatically for both manual and automatic running headings.
    – Baduel
    Commented Dec 2, 2011 at 11:42

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