Inspired by a comment to this answer (and some wasted but entertaining time on the internet), I was wondering if somebody has implemented the use of the Potrzebie unit system in (La)TeX, as a tribute to Donald Knuth (if he didn't already include it in TeX himself?). Surprisingly, a search here gave zero results.

Knuth introduced it himself in 1957 in the famous science journal MAD:

This new system of measuring, which is destined to become the measuring system of the future, has decided improvements over the other systems now in use. It is based on measurements taken 6-9-12 at the Physics Lab of Milwaukee Lutheran High School. in Milwaukee, Wis. when the thickness of Mad Magazine #26 was determined to be 2.263348517438173216473 mm. This length is the basis for the entire system, and is called one potrzebie of length. The Potrzebie has also been standardized at 3515.3502 wave lengths of the red line in the spectrum of cadmium. A partial table of the Potrzebie System, the measuring system of the future, is given below.

1 potrzebie = thickness of MAD #26
.000001 p = 1 farshimmelt potrzebie (fp)
1000 fp = 1 millipotrzebie (mp)
10 mp = 1 centipotrzebie (cp)
10 cp = 1 decipotrzebie (dp)
10 dp = 1 potrzebie (p)
10 p = 1 dekapotrzebie (Dp)
10 Dp = 1 hectopotrzebie (Hp)
10 Hp = 1 kilopotrzebie (Kp)
1000 Kp = 1 furshlugginer potrzebie (Fp)

So, is there an easy way one can use the Potrzebie unit system for lengths in TeX and derivatives?

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