In genealogytree package both male and female use the box of same kind of shape how do i change the box shape of male box from rectangle rounded corners to rectangle.


The settings are stored in the tcolorbox keys male and female. You can set them globally with tcbset{ ... }. This is discussed on p. 99 of the genealogytree manual, but the actual tcolorbox options themselves (most of which are plain TikZ options) you will need to look either in the tcolorbox manual or the TikZ manual.

\tcbset{male/.style={colframe=red,sharp corners},female/.style={colframe=blue,rounded corners}}
\genealogytree[template=signpost,male={red},female={blue}]{ parent{
        g[male]{first child}
        c[female]{second child}
        c[female]{third child}

output of code

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