I need paragraphed footnotes precisely as manyfoot offers them, but also some of bigfoot's other features (mainly "natural" order of the notes). As bigfoot is described as "a drop-in replacement of the manyfoot package" I suppose it should somehow be possible to switch off the advanced heuristics for the layout of the paragraphed notes, shouldn't it?

I imagine that some parameter/penalty could be set to a very high value that would make bigfoot never to fall back to beginning the new note in a new line -- I just couldn't figure out which one.

How could I make bigfoot's layout in this example look as manyfoot's?


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Morbi commodo, ipsum sed pharetra gravida, orci magna rhoncus neque, id pulvinar odio lorem non turpis. Nullam sit \footnoteA{sed pharetra amet enim}. Suspendisse id velit vitae ligula volutpat condimentum. Aliquam erat volutpat. Sed quis velit. Nulla facilisi. Nulla libero.\footnoteA{Vivamus pharetra posuere sapien.} Nam consectetuer. Sed aliquam, nunc eget euismod ullamcorper,\footnoteA{lectus nunc ullamcorperorci} fermentum \footnoteA{bibendum  enim nibh eget} ipsum.\footnoteA{Donec porttitor ligula eu dolor.} Maecenas vitae nulla consequat libero cursus venenatis. Nam magna enim, accumsan eu, blandit sed, blandit a, eros.


And -- as long as we are waiting for the complete documentation -- has anybody compiled a comprehensive list of all of bigfoot's settings?

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    bigfoot.sty only mentions 'para', 'para*', 'ruled', and 'verbose'. However, you request is a very reasonable one. I would contact the package author and see if this could be added as a standard option.
    – jon
    Commented Dec 4, 2011 at 9:26
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    To get a package documentation just pdflatex the bigfoot.dtx. With the unmodified version you just get three pages of them which is known by the most of us. If you remove the \StopEventually{} on line 143 you get a 55 pages pdf of the bigfoot docu in which the code is explained in a usual way of mixed comments, commands and code.
    – Holle
    Commented Jan 7, 2012 at 20:19
  • @Florian: I want to achieve the same thing (to have all footnotes in-paragraph with bigfoot) and I asked David Kastrup, the package's author, about it some time ago but haven't got an answer so far. If you've made any progress on this, you might want to share it. Commented Jan 17, 2012 at 13:12
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    Are you referring to how it places short notes on a new lines, instead of in a paragraph? See the macro on line 936, in particular, lines 943-948. These seem to control the line breaking, such that if the line is too short, footnotes are put on a new line.
    – Village
    Commented Jan 28, 2012 at 16:57
  • Thanks for pointing it out. That might very well be the relevant code in this matter. Unfortunately, my knowledge of TeX is not good enough to make any sense or use of it. Commented Feb 1, 2012 at 12:12

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Try something like

\expandafter\def\csname @makefnbreak\endcsname{\unskip\linebreak[0]\quad}

"Natural order of the notes" does not require bigfoot. That functionality is separately provided by the perpage package.

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