It seems that the align environment adds additional vertical space if it starts at the top of a page or minipage. Below are two pages, and two minipages (on Page 1), where the first page/minipage has text followed by an align* environment, and the second page/minipage starts with an align* environment, and note that the equations are still aligned.

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Attempted Solution:

The closest related question I found was:

I attempted to use the solution by Gonzalo Medina at the above by adding \setlength\abovedisplayskip{0pt} (after the preamble as per Vertical space before and after align environment). Although, this did move the equations up vertically, they were still vertically aligned:

enter image description here

And since the problem occurs at top of a page as well, I don't think this is related to Understanding minipages - aligning at top


  1. How can I adjust the align environment to automagically not have additional space at the top of a page or minipage?
  2. Is there a reason for this behavior, and perhaps should not be changed?



Top of Page 1
\begin{align*}% Text above at top of page
 e &= m c^2

    Top of minipage 1
    \begin{align*}% Text above this minipage
     e &= m c^2
    \begin{align*}% No text above in this minipage
     e &= m c^2

\begin{align*}% No text above at top of page
 e &= m c^2

The alignment environments of amsmath are not designed to be at the start of a paragraph. While this can be acceptable in normal situations, this has bad effects when we use a minipage for typesetting an alignment at a reduced width.

The minipage problem can be solved by patching the \start@align command (and also \start@gather and \start@multline) with


This exploits the fact that at the start of a minipage the conditional \if@minipage is true, but upon starting a paragraph it becomes false, so subsequent align environments in the same minipage won't be affected.

There is a similar patch for "curing" the environments at start-of-paragraph, but I'm somewhat reluctant to show it, as I believe that a paragraph should never start with a displayed equation (with the above mentioned exception).

  • Your solution works perfectly for a minipage, as long as it is not at the top of a page (in which case it shifts the equation too far up). And while I agree that in a normal document one should not start a page with a displayed equation, most of the time I am producing a single page which is composed entirely of a \begin{align}...\end{align} with a few \shortintertext in-between so would like to eliminate that space. – Peter Grill Dec 3 '11 at 20:29

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