Goal I am trying to derive my own class from memoir and would like to include all the auto-completiong from the original memoir class.

Problem I wrote a customg .cwl file using #include:class-memoir. But that seems to be ignored as the corresponding commands are not recognized in TexStudio. Is there something wrong with the .cwl?

Setting I am using TexStudio 2.11.2 on an Ubuntu 16.04 with pdflatex. I've put the .cwl file in $HOME/.config/texstudio/completion/user and loaded it in TexStudio explicitly in Options->Configure Texstudio->Completion. I am sure that my .cwl is loaded because I added a test command which is recognized.




% Title page definitions
\title{This is an Awesome Title}
\author{Awesome Name}
\setlength\droptitle{30pt} % vertical position of the title



My awesome text! \testcmd{And the test works!}



\ProvidesClass{derived-from-memoir}[2017/05/12 derived-from-memoir class]


,fleqn % displayed math environments will be indented an amount \mathindent from the left margin (the default is to center the environments).
,openbib %each part of a bibliography entry will start on a new line, with second and succeding lines indented by \bibindent (the default is for an entry to run continuously with no indentations).






After loading class-derived-from-memoir.cwl, the part \testcmd{And the test works!} is recognized, but not the memoir commands, i.e. \droptitle, titlingpage, \aliaspagestyle and \cleartorecto.

  • Check maybe completion/autogenerated folder. – Sigur May 13 '17 at 15:15

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