I need to define 256 pixel colors in HEX values like this:

\definecolor{pixel 1}{HTML}{000000} ... \definecolor{pixel 256}{HTML}{FFFFFF}

Can I do that in a form of a simple loop? How?


You can define the 256 grey shades from black to white using the forloop package like this:



\forloop{loop}{0}{\value{loop}<256}{\definecolor{pixel \arabic{loop}}{RGB}{\arabic{loop},\arabic{loop},\arabic{loop}}}


\forloop[10]{loop}{0}{\value{loop}<256}{\textcolor{pixel \arabic{loop}}{pixel~\arabic{loop}} }


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    Thanks. I ended up doing this: \foreach \name/\n in {0,...,255}{ \pgfmathsetmacro\k{\n*0.004} \xglobal\definecolor{pixel \name}{gray}{\k} } – Rodrigo May 15 '17 at 6:24

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