I'm using the achemso package (version 3.10h) for a submission to an ACS journal and I can't get DOIs to appear in the bibliography. At the top of the file I have

\documentclass[journal = esthag,manuscript = article, layout = traditional]{achemso}

I can change some package options, such as whether the article title is displayed or the max number of authors displayed by using

\setkeys{acs}{articletitle = false}
\setkeys{acs}{etalmode = firstonly, maxauthors=1}

However, when I try to have DOIs displayed using

\setkeys{acs}{doi = true}

the program throws an error

Runaway argument?
{10.1021/ic9907718}\relax \mciteBstWouldAddEndPuncttrue \mciteSetBstM\ETC.
./achemso-demo.tex:381: File ended while scanning use of \doi@aux.
<inserted text> 
l.381 \bibliography{achemso-demo}

I can duplicate this both in my document and in the achemso-demo.tex file.


This is a bug in achemso which I'll correct shortly. For the present, add


to your preamble. (The issue is a missing terminating space.)

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