I am using the package endfloat to place all figures to the end of the document. I would like to generate the list of figures but not the figures themselves. The best that I can piece together from answers found on this site is:

% Places all the figures after the references and generates a list of references
% Used to reformat the list of figures
%the previous line resets it
% To delete the list of figures and figures genereated after the references     

and before the end of my document I have the following to remove page numbers from the list:


This method removes the list of figures too. I would like to keep all the references and hyperlinks. Want I want to do is to stop the document after the list of figures. This has to be done in the Latex code itself and not retrospectively.

  • You might also look at \includeonly May 19, 2017 at 16:27

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Actually it turns out that this was trivial. I just placed \listoffigures after the \pagenumbering{gobble} command.

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