Your favorite reledmac newbie is back! Is there a way to have the line numbers in Hebrew numbering? \linenumberstyle only has alph, arabic, and roman options according to the documentation.

  • please, as in general, add MWE… – Maïeul May 19 '17 at 21:40

Yes, reledmac provides only options provided by default LaTeX.

But as you use bidi (if I use the MWE you send on your other questions, but please ALWAYS send a MWE), you can define your own \linenumrepR command to set the representation of right line number.

In your preamble add:

  • \linenumrepR is called by reledpar to typeset right side number.
  • \begingroup\endgroupis required to set the font change to be only local
  • \hebrewfont select hebrew font
  • \hebrewnumeral provided by polyglossia, format a number in hebrew.

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