when i am trying to configure the \cite command for the below xml structure

<xref rid="cite" bibid="aa">[1]</xref>

the below two things need to be configured

  1. in the bibid ="" original \cite{label id} to be retain, How to achieve this one?

  2. when I am using cite.sty the configure structure is printed in the HTML file but when using \usepackage[numbers]{natbib} the configured structured is not printing in the HTML file? How to achieve this for natbib.sty also?



<xref rid="cite" bibid="">[1]</xref>



\bibitem{aa}Sample Bib text

\bibitem{ab}Sample Bib text

\bibitem{ac}Sample Bib text


   {\HCode{<xref rid="cite" bibid="">}}{\HCode{</xref>}}
   {\Link} {\EndLink}

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