I have two bib files and one latex file in a report style. I need one bibliography after my first part and the other bibliography at the end. Even though i got it somewhat correctly, the second bib files don't show the citations in the texts and instead shows like this: [?]. please help me fix this. I need to use bibtex compulsorily. Please help me. Thank you. My report outline looks like this:

\date{22 May 2017}


\section{literature review}
some content here\cite{ref1}.
\section{Review of literature}
some content here[?].

The first part cites the reference on pdf but the second part doesn't.


You can use the multibib package:

\newcites{first}{First Chapter Literature}
\newcites{second}{Second Chapter Literature}



You will then have to run bibtex first and bibtex second, e.g on a command line (my editor winedt does it automatically).

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