How can I mark those events using termcal that span more than one day?

For example, when I have a three-day final exam, the whole thing must be marked as Final Exam, and when I have a midterm break, the whole thing must be marked.

My current code:

\usepackage[margin=0.5in, paperheight=8.5in, paperwidth=13in]{geometry}

\calday[Sunday] {\noclassday}


\paragraph*{Tedu's Schedule:}

\Holiday{5/1/2017}{Labor Day}
\Holiday{6/12/2017}{Independence Day}
\Holiday{6/26/2017}{Eid al-Fitr}
\Holiday{8/6/2017}{Cebu Province Charter Day}
\Holiday{8/21/2017}{Ninoy Aquino Day}
\Holiday{8/29/2017}{National Heroes Day}
\Holiday{11/1/2017}{All Saints' Day}
\Holiday{11/2/2017}{All Souls' Day}
\Holiday{11/30/2017}{Bonifacio Day}
\Holiday{12/24/2017}{Christmas Eve}
\Holiday{12/25/2017}{Christmas Day}
    % I want to merge it from here
    %to here
\Holiday{12/30/2017}{Rizal Day}
\Holiday{12/31/2017}{New Year's Eve}
\Holiday{1/1/2018}{New Year's Day}
\Holiday{2/25/2018}{EDSA Revolution Anniversary}

\caltext{5/31/2017}{End of Classes}
% By the way, how can I reset the number of days counter in here?
\caltext{8/1/2017}{Start of Classes}

Image of what I want to achieve (in Excel version):

enter image description here



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