I'm trying to customize the bibliography for a presentation. I'm running into trouble with the punctuation after the title. As a MWE, I wrote the following biblatex.cfg file:

\ExecuteBibliographyOptions{giveninits=true, uniquename=false}




There should be a period after the title. However, Beamer inserts a comma. Other classes (e.g., scrartcl) do insert a period after the title. Beamer correctly inserts a period between the publisher and the note though.

I tried modifying the bibmacro title, removing all instances of \newunit, to no avail.

Does anyone know what's going on?

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This has to do with how beamer patches some of biblatex's macros to include the colouring.

In beamerbaselocalstructure.sty we find

        \newblock\usebeamercolor[fg]{bibliography entry note}}{}{}}

This shows that the title macro is changed to always print a \newunitpunct after the title (not even in a \setunit, the punctuation is printed immediately).

You can fix this by resetting the title macro in \AtBeginDocument to its original form from biblatex.def and adding the colouring macros.

    \usebeamercolor[fg]{bibliography entry title}%
      test {\iffieldundef{title}}
      test {\iffieldundef{subtitle}}
    \newblock\usebeamercolor[fg]{bibliography entry note}}

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