I am writing something in Persian language, and I want to manage the space between some words.
I defined:


But after building the document, I see "! Missing number, treated as zero" error at each line I've used \nf ...
Here is a short example file:


اگر $n$ نقطهٔ رنگی در صفحه از $k$ رنگ مختلف داشته باشیم، می\nf
خواهیم یک شکل هندسی (دایره، مثلث و ...) را طوری در صفحه قرار دهیم که از هر رنگ دست\nf
کم یکی پوشانده شود.

I am using TeXMaker 4.4.1 on Ubuntu 1604; What's wrong?!


The macro \value refers to the value of a counter. I doubt that there are counters with names 226, 128, and 140. I assume you meant the numbers:

\char226 \char128 \char140

In LaTeX provides the macro \symbol (that takes care of the proper ending of the number):


But the numbers raise the suspicion that this is meant as a Unicode character encoded as UTF-8. This is a different story.

With 8-bit TeX engines this can be written as:


But with Unicode-aware TeX engines (XeTeX, LuaTeX), the character can be specified directly. Or with the ^-notation (The ^^ notation in various engines):


The symbol is: U+200C ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER

  • It was not work in this way too! I have question marks at each \nf, in output pdf :( – Coder44 May 25 '17 at 10:19

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