I did not find any option to change the date spacing in pgfcalendar tutorial can somebody suggest me how do i change the spacing between dates. Here is MWE

 \documentclass[border=4.9mm, multi={tikzpicture}]{standalone}

 %%in preamble:

 \newcommand{\calrow}[1]{\node[anchor=base east](Mon){\rotatebox{0}{M}};
 \node[base right=of Mon](Tue){\rotatebox{0}{T}}; \node[base right=of Tue](Wed){W};
 \node[base right=of Wed](Thu){T}; \node[base right=of Thu](Fri){F};
 \node[base right=of Fri](Sat){S}; \node[base right=of Sat](Sun){\color{red}S};
 \node[darkgreen,above=of Wed]{\textbf{#1}};}

 \newcommand{\calperiod}[1]{\calendar[dates=\the\year-#1-01 to \the\year-#1-last]
 if(Sunday) [red] \holidays;}

 \newcommand{\holidays}{% holidays in Italy
 if (equals=01-01) [black!50]%
 if (equals=01-06) [black!50]%
 if (equals=04-04) [black!50]%
 if (equals=04-05) [black!50]%
 if (equals=04-25) [black!50]%
 if (equals=05-01) [black!50]%
 if (equals=05-01) [black!50]%
 if (equals=06-02) [black!50]%
 if (equals=08-15) [black!50]%
 if (equals=11-01) [black!50]%
 if (equals=12-08) [black!50]%
 if (equals=12-25) [black!50]%
 if (equals=12-26) [black!50]%

 %%in document:
 \begin{tikzpicture}[every calendar/.style={week list}]
 row 1/.style={darkgreen,node distance=.3ex},%
 row 3/.style={darkgreen,node distance=.3ex},
 row 5/.style={darkgreen,node distance=.3ex},
 row 7/.style={darkgreen,node distance=.3ex},
 column sep=1ex,%
 draw=darkgreen,thick, rectangle=9.5pt,%
 postaction={decorate,decoration={markings,mark=at position 0.61 with
 {\node[fill=white,text=blue,font={\bfseries\Large}] (year) {\the\year};}
 % year on frame: decorations.markings library

 % first row: week day and month
 \calrow{\color{blue}Arkoi} & \calrow{\color{blue}Thangthang} & \calrow{\color{blue}Therepo} \\
 \calperiod{01} & \calperiod{02} & \calperiod{03} \\[1ex]

 % second row: calendar
 \calrow{\color{blue}Jangmi} & \calrow{\color{blue}Aru} & \calrow{\color{blue}Vosik} \\
 \calperiod{04} & \calperiod{05} & \calperiod{06} \\[1ex]

 % third row: week day and month
 \calrow{\color{blue}Jakhong} & \calrow{\color{blue}Paipai} & \calrow{\color{blue}Chiti} \\
 \calperiod{07} & \calperiod{08} & \calperiod{09} \\[1ex]

 % forth row: calendar
 \calrow{\color{blue}Phere} & \calrow{\color{blue}Phaikuni} & \calrow{\color{blue}Matijong} \\
 \calperiod{10} & \calperiod{11} & \calperiod{12} \\



In section 45 of the PGF manual you'll find your answers. The interesting line in your code is the following:

\begin{tikzpicture}[every calendar/.style={week list}]

You could add some style options there. For example concerning day spacing as day xshift and day yshift (set to 1pt for the following picture).

small calendar

Or maybe you want to adjust the shifting between months. Use month xshift and month yshift (xshift 10em for the following picture).


Just mess around with it

  • Thanking you , I need some help from you how do i print single month in one page, so that i will get 12 pages for 12 months @TeXnician – Biki Teron May 27 '17 at 7:27

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