I have a main.tex in which I import plots as tikzpictures with includegraphics. A typical plot looks like this

  \def \dataFile {'plots/data/sample_data.dat'}

    \addplot[] gnuplot [raw gnuplot] { plot \dataFile index 0 };


Now, I want to make a beamer presentation using the same tikzpictures. The presentation.tex file is located in a different folder entirely. I've updated my graphicspath accordingly, but when I want to include a tikzpicture, it cannot find the data file sample_data.dat, because gnuplot is being invocated in the folder of presentation.tex.

I couldn't find a way of setting the input directory to the pgfplots raw gnuplot command. Short of specifying every data file location as a full path, is there a clever way to solve this?

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