I've searched everywhere on how to include the following symbol found on page 11 of the first volume of The Art of Computer Programming by Knuth:

enter image description here

The dangerous bend symbol is \dbend or \textdbend but I am unable to find how to include the aforementioned image or symbol, as it seems not to be included in manfnt or any other.

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There is no such symbol. It is actually an image. You can find it in taocpmac.

  \smash{\hbox to0pt{\hskip-\hangindent

The file \figdir/aux.301 is the symbol you are looking for.

  • From what i understand this is some file that Knuth had, I searched his website but could not find the files. would it be possible to get the symbol from somewhere? Or should I just get my own symbol. – Vyraj May 30 '17 at 16:41

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