I want to make new commands with the names \1 \2 \3 \4. But I do not want to use these names if they will conflict with standard existing names. I do not know of any existing LaTeX commands with these names but I want to check.


a rough estimate can be found just by looking for \[0-9] in the latex/*/*.sty files in your local installation.


$ grep '[^`\\]\\[0-9]' /usr/local/texlive/2017/texmf-dist/tex/latex/*/*.sty | grep -v Digits

Just keeping one line per package and removing comments and uses with \string returns the following list, some of which will be internal uses, but each would need to be checked.

/arabtex/hebchrs.sty:\ifx #1\relax \relax \else \uppercase {\gdef \1{#1}}%
/bibarts/bibarts.sty:   \def\3{\string\3}%
/biblatex/biblatex.sty:  \do\0\do\1\do\2\do\3\do\4\do\5\do\6\do\7\do\8\do\9%
/cbcoptic/coptic.sty:\let\0\^^b0 % alias name for keyboards missing the "degree" key
/cmdtrack/cmdtrack.sty:\ifcat ?$\relax{\catcode37=7 \catcode127=9 \def\0{\@sanitize\catcode}\fi
/cryptocode/cryptocode.sty:      { \1\u{l_pc_strsub_replace_tl} }
/csquotes/csquotes.sty:  \do\!\do\?\do\0\do\1\do\2\do\3\do\4\do\5\do\6\do\7\do\8\do\9}
/cuisine/cuisine.sty:  \let\0\d@grees
/dialogl/grabhedr.sty:  \edef\0{\meaning\input}\edef\1{\string\input}%
/dialogl/menus.sty:  \begingroup \def\0{?}\def\1{Q}%
/dvdcoll/pdfnotiz.sty:    \edef\0{\string\0}%
/etextools/etextools.sty:   \long\edef\1##1/##2/##3{##1\endgroup\unexpanded{#2}##3}%
/fonttable/fonttable.sty: \f@tm=\f@tn \divide\f@tm by 64 \xdef\0{\the\f@tm}%
/gmdoc/gmdoc.sty:    \DoNotIndex{\1 \2 \3 \4 \5 \6 \7 \8 \9 \0}%
/hyperref/hyperref.sty:    \edef\1{\string\1}%
/longfigure/longfigure.sty:  \begingroup\def\2{#2}
/media9/media9.sty:    \regex_replace_once:nnN{([^:]+):??.*}{\1}\l_tmpa_tl
/mftinc/mftinc.sty:\long\def\mfcomment#1\9#2\par{\unskip#2 }
/mhchem/mhchem.sty:        { \c{\\}(\[.*?\])? } { \0 }
/nicetext/niceverb.sty:      \def\cs{\134}%                    %% 2010/03/17, 2011/06/27
/outlines/outlines.sty:%   \1 <level 1 text>
/pdfx/pdfx.sty: \edef\0{\string\0}
/pkgloader/pkgloader.sty:       \c{g__pkgloader_pkg_graph}\cB\{\0\.sty\cE\}) }
/prftree/prftree.sty:  \global\prf@samefalse\begingroup\def\1{#1}\def\2{#2}%
/proba/proba.sty:\DeclareRobustCommand{\1}[1]{\ensuremath \mathbf{1}_{\{#1\}}}
/protex/AlProTex.sty:   \def\1{#1}%
/qsymbols/qsymbols.sty:  \expandafter\let\expandafter\1\csname qsym@@#1\endcsname
/qtree/qtree.sty:  \def\0{\ifmmode ^0\else \rlap{$^0$}\fi}%
/regexpatch/regexpatch.sty:      \regex_replace_once:nnN { .*? \{ (.*) \} \Z } { \1 }
/snapshot/snapshot.sty:      \edef\0{\csname rqv@#1\endcsname}%
/songs/songs.sty:  \let\2\1\let\3\1\let\4\1\let\5\1%
/teubner/teubner.sty:\def\2#1 {\csname2#1\endcsname}
/tikz-qtree/tikz-qtree-compat.sty:  \def\0{\ifmmode ^0\else \rlap{$^0$}\fi}%
/toptesi/topfront.sty:        \ifx\2\empty
/toptesi/topfront.sty:            \noexpand\oldstylenums{\1} -- \noexpand\oldstylenums{\2}}
/uaclasses/my-title.sty:    {\def \1{#1}%
/uaclasses/ua-title.sty:    {\edef \3{#1}%
/ucs/ucshyper.sty:      \edef\1{\string\1}%
/units/units.sty:    \def\0{#1}%
  • A few of these are regex replacements ... – Joseph Wright May 29 '17 at 20:32
  • @JosephWright if I knew a regular expression to filter out regular expression replacements I'd add it to that grep call:-) adding |grep -v regex to the end of the pipeline might be near enough:-) – David Carlisle May 29 '17 at 22:09
  • @DavidCarlisle but then it's regexes all the way down :) – user49449 May 30 '17 at 1:09

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