Is it possible to modify the visuals of GChords easily? Draw lines like in tikz, and color frets?

If not, how hard would it be to create a command like \chord that builds the diagram up using tikz then one could modify the diagram in a tikz environment(or through custom commands) to do various things?



\bar creates a bar visual between frets 2 and 4.

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I am not familiar with GChords and no MWE was provided by the OP, so I have no idea if this will provide a suitable alternative or not...Starting with this question, Typesetting guitar chord diagrams in a songbook, one can add color to the various parts of it, to display guitar chords.:

\def\chordalign{\dimexpr2.2ex}% 2.2ex sets alignment of chord
\def\chordminwidth{\dimexpr6.5ex}% 6.5ex provides min. hskip for optional argument
  \savestack#1{\kern\chordalign\NOtes\guitar #2\en}

\raiseguitar {0}
\guitarchord\Cm{{Cm $^7$}{2}x-----\gbarre1\gdot33\gdot52}

\color{cyan}\guitarchord\Cm{{\color{black}Cm $^7$}{\color{black}2}

enter image description here


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