Quoting a reference using biblatex, it is possible to add an optional argument to cite in order to specify the page number that is being quoted, such as in


which will produce something like "[Foo, p. 20]".

My question is if there is some package or some hack that will allow to do the same without the "p.".

The goal is to be able to cite specific paragraphs, rather than pages. The paragraphs happen to be numbered by roman numerals, so the idea is to be able to do something like:


and get something like "[Foo, XXVI]".


You can use \nopp to suppress the page prefix 'p.'/'pp.'

\cite[\nopp 20]{sigfridsson}

If you want to always suppress the page prefix, use


\mknormrange is a fairly recent addition to biblatex, so if the command is undefined when you add it, you probably just want to try #1 instead of \mknormrange{#1} (or say \providecommand*{\mknormrange}[1]{#1}).

If you want to suppress the 'p.'/'pp.' for a particular entry, add

pagination = {none},

to the .bib entry. Instead of none, you can also have (the default) page or one of column, line, verse, section or paragraph.

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