I am using reledmac / reledpar and would like to adjust the content of the lemma size so that it matches the size of the rest of each critical note. In the preamble, I am defining the following macro in the preamble:


if I simply write


the file does not compile. I am probably missing something rather basic. Thank you for your help. Kindly,



Normally, the size of the lemma is the same as the size of the critical notes.

As explained in § 7.6.3 of the current handbook, you can use \Xnotefontsize to set it. For example:


For series B only



For all series.

Ps: as explained on § 6.2.2, the optional argument of a critical footnote must one (or more) of the following optiom: - fulllines - nonum - nosep - linerangesep

In any case, a command should be problematic, and won't have any effect.


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