I try to install vim-latex, a plugin for vim to edit latex file, According to the download page

In step 3 of 4 :To install the included latex-suite.txt and latexhelp.txt files as vim help files, start vim and do the following:

helptags ~/.vim/doc

It promts

E150: Not a directory: ~/.vim/doc 

Then I did

helptags ~/.vim/vim-latex-1.9.0/doc

nothing happened

Step 4 of 4: Done! Thats it! You are done! Now start editing a latex file in vim. Latex-Suite should start up automatically. You can do

:help latex-suite.txt

I got another error

E149: Sorry, no help for latex-suite.txt

I summarized the steps I did before

Step 1 of 4: Download and extract the archives

tar xvzf vim-latex-1.9.0.tar.gz -C ~/.vim

nothing wrong, there is one more file vim-latex-1.9.0.tar under ~/.vim

Step 2 of 4: Set a few things in .vimrc

I copied the contents to my .vimrc file in a right way. there is no file named tex.vim under ~/.vim/ftplugin/ so I created one and copy the contents to my tex.vim

when I start editing .tex file, nothing paticular happened, so I guess I didn'd have vim-latex installed. I don't know where I did wrong?

  • I took a quick look at the archive. Inside of it, there is another folder (vim-latex-1.9.0). This folder contains (among others) the folders ftplugin and docs. So it seems, that you have to copy the contents of this folder into your ~/.vim folder (BUT I DIDN'T TEST IT). Also inside of the folder there is a Makefile. You could try make install which should install the plugin in /usr/local (system wide). – Skillmon Jun 1 '17 at 7:48
  • @Skillmon, I have tried as you suggested, it did work, thank you. Could you please tell me why ftplugin and docs must be placed under vim? I am lack of experience . – ComplicatedPhenomenon Jun 1 '17 at 8:27
  • Because vim searches these paths and not the subfolders for those folders. – Skillmon Jun 1 '17 at 10:03

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