I would like to create a similar figure in TikZ:

photo of my crappy drawing

(The size of the nodes is not on purpose and I tried to make all rectangles' corners rounded)

This is my code so far (MWE):


    \tikzstyle{rblock} = [rounded rectangle, draw, text width=1.4cm, text centered, minimum height=4em]



\begin{tikzpicture}[auto,node distance=2cm,transform shape,scale=0.8]
\node [rblock] (wibble) {wibble};
\coordinate [below=1cm of wibble] (c1);
\node [rblock,left=3cm of c1] (wobble) {wobble};
\node [rblock,right=3cm of c1] (wubble) {wubble};
\coordinate [below=1cm of wobble] (c2);
\node [rblock,left=0.2cm of c2] (foo) {foo};
\node [rblock,right=0.2cm of c2] (bar) {bar};
\node [rblock,below=0.3cm of wubble] (qux) {qux};
\node [rblock,left=0.2cm of qux] (baz) {baz};
\node [rblock,right=0.2cm of qux] (quux) {quux};
% TODO lines


This gives:LaTeX output of code

I was trying to find a solution myself, but I don't even know where to start. I tried looking for 'split arrow' but it didn't help. Could you please help me out?

So how could I get these lines between the nodes?

Also, how could I make the rectangles more like the ones on my lame drawing? So I would like the corners to be rounded, but not as much as they are with rounded rectangle in the shapes.misc TikZ library...


forest package and its edges library could be an option:





for tree={draw, rounded corners, minimum width=2cm, minimum height=4em},
forked edges,


enter image description here

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