I am trying to write the following equation but overfull \hbox will appear after running LaTeX to get a pdf. Could you please help me to write it in a proper way. Many thanks.

(v_{-n}\dots v_{-1} \otimes v_{0} \otimes v_{1}\dots v_{m}) \dashv
(w_{-p}\dots w_{-1} \otimes w_{0} \otimes w_{1} \dots w_{q})\\
&=v_{-n}\dotsv_{-1} \otimes v_{0} \otimes v_{1} \dots v_{m}w_{-p}\dots

I recommend you use the amsmath package and \[\] instead of $$, as described here, or choose any other amsmath environments. I chose multline* for an environment since your & alignment was aligning to nothing.


(v_{-n}\dots v_{-1} \otimes v_{0} \otimes v_{1}\dots v_{m}) \mathbin\dashv (w_{-p}\dots w_{-1} \otimes w_{0} \otimes w_{1} \dots w_{q})\\
    =v_{-n}\dots v_{-1} \otimes v_{0} \otimes v_{1} \dots v_{m}w_{-p}\dots w_{q}


enter image description here

Please mind that you had many typos in the code. Also, as @egreg points out, \dashv needs to be prefixed with \mathbin to yield a binary operator, with proper spacing

  • \dashv is defined in the kernel, but it's a relation symbol and it seems to be used here as a binary operation, so \mathbin\dashv – egreg Jun 1 '17 at 20:18
  • @egreg roger, I just thought it was a typo, only later realised it was real :) correcting it – Moriambar Jun 1 '17 at 20:19

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