I have defined a custom floating environment scheme with the rotfloat package, which also defines the corresponding sidewaysscheme* environment. However, when I use this environment in a two-column document class, the resulting float is not horizontally centred, as the following MWE demonstrates:



Non-centred sidewaysscheme*

The text and caption are clearly to the right of the correctly centred page number. Changing sidewaysscheme* into sidewaysfigure* does yield a well-centred floating environment. Since the latter is defined by rotating by default, I suspect that somehow rotfloat defines the custom float slightly differently, but I don't know why/how.

I would very much like to know why custom-defined floats don't centre horizontally and how to fix this.

  • Rotfloat isn't the only or best package you can use. Rotating or even \rotatebox from graphicx and a minipage will work. – John Kormylo Jun 2 '17 at 13:54

I still don't know why rotfloat defines the new sidewaysscheme* to behave differently than sidewaysfigure*, but redefining the former to behave like the latter seems to have the desired effect:


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