It is a well-known fact that if you want entries in your bibliography to have the right capitalisation, you need to add some braces here and there (see e.g. here).

However, Mendeley (a citation-management app) does not seem to care about capitalisation at all when exporting to BibTeX. It will just create a BibTeX entry with the same title as the one in my database. I'm looking for a way to work around this.

0) The obvious workaround is to give Mendeley a proper BibTeX friendly title. Hence, lots of braces in titles.

1) What I'm hoping to learn here is a way to have BibTeX take an entry and just preserve the capitalisation. I would like to have it done with a specific bibliography style like \bibliographystyle{alpha} if at all possible.

2) If 1) is impossible/problematic, is there a way to automagically convert a "naive" bibliography file (no braces) to a BibTeX friendly one?

3) It would be off-topic to ask it here, but I would obviously also be happy with a way to tell Mendeley to properly format the exported BibTeX entries, if such a thing is possible.

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With BibTeX you have to manually change the .bst file, as explained in this answer.

With BibLaTeX you can simple add the command \DeclareFieldFormat{titlecase}{#1} to your preamble, as explained in this answer.

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