I want to have something like the following in the beamer

  • Step 1. xxxxxx
  • Step 2. xxxxxxxxxx

I used

\item [Step 1.]{xxxx}
\item [Step 2.]{xxxxx}

However, in the pdf, the "Step 1" is pushing to the very left of the screen. I've tried to add \hspace{10mm} before the \item [Step 1.] but it does not work. If I just type \item Step 1. xxx, i.e., without the square bracket, everything is find, EXCEPT that when the content after Step 1. is too long, then the latex automatically break the line such that in the next newline, it aligned with the Step 1. But I want it to aligned with the first letter in the content right behind Step 1.

It seems that \item [Step 1.]{xxxx} is the only way to do that but it pushes the whole line to the very left of the page. I never encountered this problem with the paper version of latex, I don't know why beamer has this problem.

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    Use description instead of itemize. BTW, you can change {xxxx} by xxx. There are not mandatory argument in \item.
    – Fran
    Jun 6, 2017 at 2:13
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    You might try increasing \leftmargini (default 2.5em or so depending on the document class). Jun 6, 2017 at 3:20

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You could use an enumerate environment to automatically get the numbering:


\setbeamerfont{item projected}{size=\normalsize}

            \setbeamertemplate{enumerate item}{
              \usebeamerfont*{item projected}%
              \usebeamercolor[bg]{item projected}%
              Step \insertenumlabel.%

                \item test1
                \item test2

enter image description here

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