In xypic, I would like to make an arrow tip which resembles the notation for normal subobjects given by \vartriangleleft. I would like the arrow to look more or less like the one in the picture below.

How can I make such an arrow?

enter image description here


One option for typesetting the \vartriangleleft symbol in the middle of the arrow is:

\xymatrix{A\ar[r]|-{\vartriangleleft} & B}

The problem is that the symbol does not rotate with the arrow. In particular, this method won't work for vertical or diagonal arrows.

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If the use of a \xymatrix is not mandatory for you, here is a solution with tikz-cd.

P.S. = thanks to Symbol 1 for his/her solution here.

    triarrow/.style ={rightarrowtail, "\mytri" {description, inner sep=-2pt}, sloped, allow upside down},

        \begin{tikzcd}[column sep=large, row sep=large]
            A \arrow[r,  triarrow] 
            \arrow[d, triarrow] & 
            B \arrow[dr, triarrow] \\
            C \arrow[ur, triarrow] &
            D \arrow[l, triarrow]
            \arrow[u, triarrow] & 

enter image description here

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