I am revising an article using Changes Package adding corrections from several authors. When writing \listofchanges I get the following output:

At this point, I have two questions:

  1. C1, C2, C3,... are the IDs of each author. Can I change the \listofchanges to print the real names of the authors?
  2. Each author has an associated color during the article. Can I change the \listofchanges to print each line of the list in the color that is associated to the corresponding author?

As an example, the following code:



\definechangesauthor[name={John}, color=red]{C1}
\definechangesauthor[name={Peter}, color=blue]{C2}
\definechangesauthor[name={Rose}, color=green]{C3}


This is \added[id=C2]{new} text.
This is \added[id=C3]{new} text.
This is \deleted[id=C1]{unnecessary}text.
This is \replaced[id=C2]{nice}{bad} text.



produces the following output:

I'd like the first row of the List of changes to be:

Added (Peter): new ...... 1

or preferably:

Peter (Added): new ...... 1

all of it in blue. An the same for the rest of lines, of course.

Thanks a lot!

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