I have never worked with tikz before. The question is very basic. In the CVPR ShareLatex Template, when I add just \usepackage{tikz}, there is compile error. The lines of error are different as well. I have tried in vain, changing the order of the \usepackage commands. Any suggestions on the same? The link for the template is attached!

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That template looks pretty horribly broken. The eso-pic.sty file isn't actually the real file. It's hacked to \input{cvpr_eso.sty} rather than \RequirePackage{atbeginshi} at least. But cvpr_eso.sty appears to actually be everyshi.

To fix it, delete cvpr_eso.sty and eso-pic.sty. Now everything should compile with \usepackage{tikz}.

Other bad things about that template:

  • The epsfig package should not be used; graphicx replaces it.
  • The times package should probably not be used. Use mathptmx instead.

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