I am using the IEEEtranSA bibliography style which has max.num.names.before.forced.et.al. It seems to be a parameter which can be configured / customized. How can I set this to 5? Currently, I have author lists which have 10 entries.


Here's an MWE. Truncation is enabled if there are more than 5 authors; if truncation occurs, the first 5 authors are shown. Feel free to adjust either parameter to suit your needs.

  CTLuse_forced_etal       = "yes",
  CTLmax_names_forced_etal = "5", 
  CTLnames_show_etal       = "5",
  author = "AAA and BBB and CCC and DDD and EEE and FFF and GGG and HHH and III and JJJ",
  title  = "Thoughts",
  year   = 3001

\usepackage{IEEEtrantools}     % or: just use the "IEEEtran" document class
\bibliographystyle{IEEEtranSA} % alpha style, sorted alphabetically

\bstctlcite{BSTcontrol}  % run this directive at start of document

\cite{xyz} % an ordinary citation command

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