Can a tikzpicture be distorted to look like it's a picture from a book in an easy way (not exporting to pdf, printing, taking picture and using said picture)?

something like:

\tikz[distorted=jpg] \draw (0,0) --(1,1);



\tikz \draw (0,0) -- (1,1);

creates a very beautifull line, that looks like it's in vector graphics format (which is hard to see on a screenshot):

enter image description here

What i then want is an easy way to distort the tikzdrawing so it looks like a picture taking with a real bad camera more so than vector graphics? Why would one want to uglyfi ones buatiful tikz figures? For fun! (the distorded=jpg in the original post was a pseudo way of telling tikz to make the drawing look as ugly as a jpg picture, full of loss).



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