I would like to use LaTeX for my daily events : (like a longtable, etc.) For the left column I have the date, and the second column contains pre-stored newcommand/newenvironment setups to call them repetitively (for tables/paragraphs/ figures, etc.). I am using (master/slave) files to classify them by dates in folders.

I tried the tabularx merged with listliketab but I cannot optimize the code. I get a wrapped table at the bottom. Is there any advised package or solution that can solve the following issues?

  • Being able to add macros (newenvironment/newcommand) inside the listliketab main table.
  • Avoid the text wrapping at the bottom of the page
  • Table which will take the whole page
  • Have the same spacing between events (daily) in the second column.

Here is a MWE :

\usepackage{babel} %langue francaise
\usepackage[table]{xcolor} %insertion d'images
\usepackage{lipsum} %paragraphes prédéfinis
            \begin{tabularx}{\linewidth}{@{}>{\bfseries}l @{\hspace{.5em}} XR}
                03/10/2016 %& \lipsum{1} \\
                & \begin{tabular}{c|c|c}
                    This & is & a test \\
                    Kinda &   &   \\
            & The second step \newline 
                This & is & a test \\
                Kinda &   &   \\
        & \begin{itemize}
            \item different content might appear here 
            \item figures ...

Any optimization is welcome. Thank you

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