How do I set up arara to work with xindy? I tried using xindy.yaml from https://github.com/cereda/arara/blob/master/rules/xindy.yaml as the TeXLive 2017 distribution does not come with xindy.yaml. Then I called arara from my .tex file like this:

% arara: xindy: {modules: [texindy, page-ranges, xindystyle], codepage: utf8, language: german-duden }

I received the following error:

ERROR Arara - Directive 'xindy' at line 7 has an invalid argument type. Only the arguments 'files' and 'items' can have a list. Both are reserved arara keywords.

How can I parse multiple modules to be called? The goal is to start xindy with the following parameters:

xindy -M texindy -M page-ranges -M xindystyle -C utf8 -L german-duden file.tex
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    Works fine for me (except I don't have your xindystyle.xdy module) with arara v4.0. If you're using the arara version distributed with TeX Live, then you likely have only v3.0 in which case the new v4.0 may be incompatible. – Nicola Talbot Jun 9 '17 at 17:23
  • I do have the preinstaleld version 3.0 and I cannot find any newer version on github (github.com/cereda/arara). – kabauter Jun 12 '17 at 9:32
  • Only the source code is on github. v4.0 is still in development. – Nicola Talbot Jun 12 '17 at 10:14

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