I've been using TexMakerX for about a week. In the document I'm producing, I use pdfLaTeX (F6) to generate the output file, and then I use View PDF (F7).

When I use View PDF, it's supposed to open at the page the cursor is at TexMakerX, but this doesn't happen for my document anymore. It used to work, but it just stopped working without apparent reason.

When I open other documents, it works as expected.

What can I do to force View PDF open in the current page of the cursor?

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  • Try removing any spaces in the file name - worked for me. – user18200 Aug 30 '12 at 13:53

TeXMakerX was renamed to TeXStudio. The new version of TeXStudio has an internal viewer which supports synctex. You should install the new version instead using an old one.

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