Let's say I have a simple document having some sections and Unicode and/or math in their titles. How to produce a decent PDF output? By that I mean:

  • It contains correct metadata.
  • It contains correct bookmarks.
  • It is a PDF/A document.

I have produced the following example. (I know that it may not be a good idea to have that much math and Unicode in titles, but to some extent it's ok, and the source below is just an example.)

\Title{Properties of ℝ^ω} 
\Author{Foo Barovič\sep Baz Pequeño} 


    \title{Properties of $\mathbb{R}^\omega$}
    \author{Foo Barovič, Baz Pequeño}

            {Basic properties of $\mathbb{R}^\omega$}
            {Basic properties of ℝ\textasciicircumω}
        Here we shall talk about the basic properties.

                {$\mathbb{R}^\omega$ vs.\ $\bigcup_{n \in \omega} \mathbb{R}^n$ according to Pequeño}
                {ℝ\textasciicircumω vs. ⋃\_\{n ∈ ω\} ℝ\textasciicircum n according to Pequeño}
            A short note about this inductive limit approach.

            {Advanced properties of $\mathbb{R}^\omega$}
            {Advanced properties of ℝ\textasciicircum\omega}
        Here we shall talk about the advanced properties.


What still annoys me:

  • The duplicities in titles. It is possible to map a Unicode character to a macro via the inputenc package. For PDF bookmarks the situation is opposite: it is possible to map macros to Unicode characters using \pdfstringdefDisableCommands. This works well for \omega or \bigcup, but what to do with superscripts, subscripts, groups, $, and \mathbb{R}? Is there a way to declare that ^, _, {, } should be taken literally, $ should be ignored, and \mathbb{R} means ℝ? Then, \texorpdfstring won't be needed.
  • The duplicities in the main title and authors.
  • The fact that filecontents* does not rewrite existing document. I know this can be changed by filecontents package, but it still emits a warning, and it cannot be loaded before \documentclass, while generating of xmpdata is recommended before \documentclass.

I'd be glad for any tips or tricks in improving the given source.

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