I am trying to put an image next to an equation and aligning the subcaptions using subcaptionbox. Unfortunately I am having some issues. See the following MWE:

            \subcaptionbox{Plot of example character.\label{fig:original_plot}}{\input{Figures/plot.tex}}
            \subcaptionbox{Format of original data.\label{fig:original_format}}{%
                    X   &=  \{\underbrace{\left[\left(x_{1,1},y_{1,1}\right),\dotsc,\left(x_{1,n_1},y_{1,n_1}\right)\right]}_{\text{stroke 1}}, \\
                        &\qquad     \underbrace{\left[\left(x_{2,1},y_{2,1}\right),\dotsc,\left(x_{2,n_2},y_{2,n_2}\right)\right]}_{\text{stroke 2}},   \\
                        &\qquad     \underbrace{\left[\left(x_{3,1},y_{3,1}\right),\dotsc,\left(x_{3,n_3},y_{3,n_3}\right)\right]}_{\text{stroke 3}}\}

When compiling, I receive the following error:

! Package amsmath Error: \begin{aligned} allowed only in math mode.

See the amsmath package documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.33 ^^I^^I^^I}

Any ideas?


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A \subcaptionbox is essentially a horizontal box, so $$ means just an empty formula.

On the other hand, $$ should never be used in LaTeX, see Why is \[ ... \] preferable to $$ ... $$?

Here's an implementation of your idea:



\begin{figure}[htp] %%% <---- NOT just h



\caption{Plot of example character.\label{fig:original_plot}}
\end{subfigure}% <--- Important!
X = \{ & {\underbrace{[(x_{1,1},y_{1,1}),\dots,(x_{1,n_1},y_{1,n_1})]}_{\text{stroke 1}}}, \\
       & {\underbrace{[(x_{2,1},y_{2,1}),\dots,(x_{2,n_2},y_{2,n_2})]}_{\text{stroke 2}}}, \\
       & {\underbrace{[(x_{3,1},y_{3,1}),\dots,(x_{3,n_3},y_{3,n_3})]}_{\text{stroke 3}}} \}

\caption{Format of original data.\label{fig:original_format}}

\caption{Global caption\label{fig:original}}



Note the removal of all \left and \right, the different alignment point and the braces around \underbrace.

enter image description here

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