I want to create this symbol:

enter image description here

I tried it with circuitikz, but didn't really get it. I read some tutorials about creating own components (CircuiTikZ — create new component) but that didn't help me.

Has anybody an idea how to solve this? May it doesn't work with circuitikz, but with something else. I just want to create a circuit plan for pneumatics/hydraulics the same way circuitikz does.

Thank you very much for helping.

For german speaking people: http://golatex.de/viewtopic,p,93369.html


The following code produces a symbol similar to the one you want, so you might apply some fine tuning and work with it.


% first optional argument: scale factor
% second argument: coordinate of centre
        (0,0) circle [radius=1]
             .. controls (-0.35,-0.35) and (0.35,-0.35) .. 
             .. controls (-0.35,-0.35) and (0.35,-0.35) .. 

Note $\frac {\sqrt2}2=\frac 1{\sqrt2}\approx0.707106781186548.$

    \draw (2,-1) -- (2,-3);

    \draw (-1,-1) -- (-1,-4);


enter image description here

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