I have text in Polish and I would like to change string "Wyed." with the string "Red.:" Solution of the quite similar problem is here: Changing predefined words in a biblatex bibliography. In my case it doesn't work. Also was not able to solve my problem by the use of the answers in topics Adjusting biblatex bibliography style, biblatex/babel autolang= doesn't work with idemtracker.



\usepackage{csquotes}           % quotqtion signs customization
\DeclareQuoteAlias{croatian}{polish}    % quotqtion signs customization
    maxcitenames=99 % maksimal number of auhtors listed in the bibliography item

\DefineBibliographyStrings{polish}{% doesn't affect the pdf-file; why?
    editor = {red.:},
    editors = {red.:},

    author =    {Gumplowicz, Ludwik},
    title = {O naturalnym prawie kształtowania się państw},
    booktitle = {Dwa życia Ludwika Gumplowicza. Wybór tekstów},
    editor =    {Mozetič, G. and Surman, J.},
    location =  {Warszawa},
    year =  {2010}


Result: enter image description here


You need to change the byeditor string. The editor string seems to be red. already.

So use this:

    byeditor = {red\adddot\addcolon},%

Though the \addcolon better belongs in the byeditor+others macro I think.

So I would do this:

    byeditor = {red\adddot},%

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