I'm using backref package to have hyperlinks in my bibliography. I would like to create one bibliography for each chapter (but links only within the chapter, for example if T1 is cited in chapter 1 and chapter 2, chapter's 2 bibliography's should only mention the reference in chapter 2), with a general bibliography in the end refering all the citations.

I read that it could be done using the biblatex package, which I tried, but I can't use it because I'm using the backref package.

A Minimal Working Example can be found here. The example is working pdflatex-wise, but bibtex outputs an error because of the two bib files and creates only one bibliography that is therefore found 3 times in the file.


You wrote, you don't want to use biblatex instead of bibtex due to the backref packge. Maybe you could replace the backref-package with biblatex's "backref=true" option and therefor achieve the desired bibliographies using biblatex and the code you already tried.

  • Using biblatex and removing backref works and does exactly what I want, except for the global bibliography at the end. Any idea on how I can do that? – G. Sorba Jun 13 '17 at 7:26
  • I just tried nesting refsections but the compiler told me I can't. – G. Sorba Jun 13 '17 at 7:40

OK I made it work using the following code:

  backrefpage = {page},% originally "cited on page"
  backrefpages = {pages},% originally "cited on pages"


\chapter{Chap 1}
Test 1 \cite{T1} and test \cite{T2}.

\chapter{Chap 2}
Test 3 \cite{T3} and test 4 \cite{T4} and again test 1 \cite{T1}.



It did exactly what I wanted. Thanks leandriis for your precious help!

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