I have the following code

"...random graphs \citep{er1959,g1959,b2001}..."

which produces

"random graphs (Erdos and Renyi, 1959; Gilbert, 1959; Bollobás, 2001)"

I would like it to produce:

"random graphs (Erdos and Renyi, 1959; Gilbert, 1959; for a textbook treatment see Bollobás, 2001)" 

Any ideas?


There is no way to do this with a single \cite command, since there is no way to attach the extra text to one part of a multiple part citation. So the only way to do it is manually, using the \citealp macro (which gives you a \citep without the parentheses) and add the parentheses yourself.

... random graphs
        (\citealp{er1959,g1959}; \citealp[for a textbook treatment see ][]{b2001})

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