I have a biblatex database (flat file) with XData entries and with entries containing XData and/or CrossRef fields. I would like to convert this into a database where the XData references are resolved, but not the CrossRef references.

I know that biber --tool --resolve resolves both XData and CrossRef (by default) and know how to then remove XData entries. However, I do not know how to just resolve XData, not CrossRef and neither did I find any information about that in the biber man page or on-line.

Is it possible to use biber (in tool mode, I guess) to only resolve XData references? If yes, how? If no, what would be an alternative approach.

[I am using biber 2.5.]

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    I don't think that can be done at the moment (I didn't find anything in the docs about it), but I might be wrong. If nothing turns up in due time, you might want to write a feature request github.com/plk/biber/issues – moewe Jun 13 '17 at 17:58
  • I have now done it manually, but I think the functionality is also more generally useful than just for me, so I'll leave this open. I've created an issue on GitHub: github.com/plk/biber/issues/172. – equaeghe Jun 14 '17 at 19:40

Just so this get an answer: Following the feature request https://github.com/plk/biber/issues/172, Biber 2.8 and later support the three options

  • --output-resolve-xdata,
  • --output-resolve-crossrefs and
  • --output-resolve-sets

to resolve xdata, crossrefs and set relations, respectively, as well as the meta option --output-resolve that sets all three at the same time.

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