Is there a way to sample random items from a series of text files and include them in exam questions?


I want to create vocab quizzes that comprise a random subset of the words the students have learned. So then I could test them on lists 1-2, or 1-6, or whatever, and not have to make up new quizzes manually (e.g., if I want to give different versions of the quiz to different sections of the same course).

The Cadillac version of this would also sample the definitions and generate a multiple-choice quiz, but I'm saving that for later. For starters, I just want to sample the terms and generate a list of short-answer questions.


There is no MWE yet because I don't know where to start working on this problem. If it can be done, what packages or commands should I familiarize myself with to put it together?


After following some of the leads offered above in the comments, I have a basic solution:






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