I'm trying to customize header and footer while inserting a pdf using a hand-made command: \setlayout (3 parameters)

\includepdf[pagecommand={\setlayout{Left corner}{Center}{Right corner}}]{my file.pdf}

First I tried :



\includepdf[pages=-,pagecommand={\setlayout{Left corner}{Center}{Right corner}}]{my file.pdf}

But, of course, it did not work.

So I would like to create a flexible (as I am going to use it several times) \setlayout command in order to customize header and footer only where the pdf is displayed

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Here is a suggestion using package fancyhdr to define an own style for pages included by \includepdf:

\setlength\headheight{13.6pt}% as suggested by fancyhdr
\usepackage{mwe}% only for dummy text and example pdf page
\fancyhead[C]{normal pages}



  pagecommand=\setlayout{Left corner}{Center}{Right corner},

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