I am working on a book re-edition, in which I have already found two biblical quotations, so I have had to add it to the list of references.

I'm using biblatex for that and I am curious to know how I would have to quote some biblical passage. For example, if I have to quote Leviticus, chapter 16, verse 22, I don't know how to do it correctly.

I have searched here for related questions to the bible in hopes of finding the solution to my problem, but what I have found has been something related to how to compose the bible rather than to quote it.

A kindsort of MWE would be:

  title      = {La Bible},
  date       = {2009},
  editor     = {Gilbert, Pierre and Römer, Thomas},
  translator = {Echenoz, Jean and Carrère, Emmanuel and NDiaye, Marie and Bon, François and Roubard, Jacques and Cadiot, Olivier and Depussé, Marie and Novarina, Valère},
  titleaddon = {nouvelle traduction},
  series     = {Domaine biblique},
  publisher  = {Bayard},
  isbn       = {978-2227479098},
  pagetotal  = {2512},
  url        = {http://www.bayard-editions.com/religions-et-sciences-humaines/religions/domaine-biblique/la-bible-nouvelle-traduction},
  urldate    = {2017-06-16}

I want to use the crossref field for citing the Bible's books without rewriting all the data. At first I thought about the bookinbook entry type, but I don't know how to cite the verse, so from the example above I was doing something like this:

  title     = {Levitique},
  booktitle = {La Bible},
  year      = {2009},
  chapter   = {16}

Would anyone have experience or any idea how to solve this?

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